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Santa Fe, New Mexico home // New York City present home

Aquarian, Activist, Improviser, Visionary, Spiritual (human)

​Spider diligently weaves her web over time, as humans gain, lose, and gain sight again - sight of universal purpose (connection), essence of experience (emotion), vibrational existence (spirit), and humanness (love).


Ordained from outside our will or knowing, a mental complacency developed. Presently, blinding us  from our accountability to the ascension of humanity, and our home, Earth Mother. It is imperative that as a whole we unite to individually transition, and elevate towards a higher (wiser) harmonious social, economic, and environmental consciousness.

Through, weaving & taking part in modern 'live petroglyphs'- theatre, film, and television - I am eager to devote my artistic life to this emotional education / storytelling, and contribute to the illumination of humans today. 

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