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clip from Three Ways Out

directed by Lizzie Morgan :

how was it for you?

written and directed by lim


About the film :

How was it for you? is a poetically enriched play adapted to film, composed of dialogues, monologues, and improvisation between two couples, demonstrating the coherence and dissonance when meeting "The One."  In modern times partnership may be unessential to survival, and so the inquiry arises; is it a noble choice to sacrifice lust in stride towards the evolution of self?  Or is reluctance a resistance to superior power; vulnerability?

How was it for you? is an exploration of the intellect versus the heart, wound versus future. Who prevails is a murky victory in the lens of love and self-care.

approx. 32 minutes

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ZIP was created by friends/collaborators, Francis Agyapong, Phillip Gladkov, and Adisa Duke.

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